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Trusted custom-fabricated products

Yale Steel Inc. is your trusted custom fabricator for a number of products! From replacement dump bodies to trailers and ditchers, you'll find a great assortment of custom-fabricated products. Contact us to receive FREE estimates on our products!

Choose Yale Steel Inc.'s V-ditchers for optimal water disbursement without creating substantial furrows. These products are made from carbon steel and engineered to slit topsoil with minimal force to tear through even the toughest debris and sod.


For use with category 2 and 3 3-point hitches, the V-ditchers have adjustable depth control skids and plow angle. They also have carbon steel points for limited wear and increased durability.


Call for FREE estimates on our custom products!


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V-77 | 65 horsepower

VQ-118 | 80 horsepower

V-10 V-16 Pup

V-10 V-Bottom Pup Trailer

V-16 V-Bottom Pup Trailer

V-12 V-16-3 Pup

V-12 V-Bottom Pup Trailer

V-16-3 V-Bottom Pup Trailer

V-24 V-16-3L  Lead

V-24 V-Bottom Lead Trailer

V-16-3L V-Bottom Lead Trailer